STATSIT is a leading Social Intelligence company.
We have delivered premium market research services to over 50 of top global 100 advertisers by our local analysts in APAC & EMEA for more than 7 years.


We are on a mission to transform market research to really serve the needs of modern marketers – quick turnaround, high quality and exceptional investment to value ratio.


“The future of market research is increasingly about listening to what consumers are already saying.”
– Stan Sthanunathan, VP Strategy & Global Insights, Coca-Cola



STATSIT’s methodologies are unique, affordable and sometimes lead to insights that would be hard or impossible to get to using any other methodology. STATSIT’s offering is a great addition to any serious marketer's or researcher's toolbox in the region.
Guy Hearn
Director of Insight at OmnicomMediaGroup
STATSIT is a nimble, quick-to-action agency with the flexibilty to offer custom solutions. A mix of ever-present customer service and analysts that 'get' social in their respective markets, offers the support we require to cater to our large footprint of countries, adhoc and regular tracking requests.
Samar Habibi
Insights Manager AMEA PepsiCo


Social Intelligence is a strategy, not a bunch of social media monitoring tools blinding you with more data. It means systematically getting deep inside the fast-changing consumers’ mind and truly understanding your competition. Then taking this business intelligence into action and turning it into measurable business goals throughout the company’s departments and top management. We’ll help you to get there.

Improving efficiency starts with analysing your current activities. We will establish your brand’s social power and give you specific recommendations on messaging, timing, audience, product, content and more in order to gradually improve every future marketing initiative. You are able to utilize Social Intelligence more frequently and effectively in your daily business decision making, throughout the whole company.



The traditional research methods often provide ”rear mirror effect”, while STATSIT provides you with the sharpest possible ”windshield wiew” to consumers mind. Whether it’s understanding purchase intent, decision making, real sentiment, demographics or your message effectiveness, you’ll always get clear and actionable recommendations to develop your business in near real-time. And, if you ever would end up finding yourself on a crisis situation, we have you backed up. With the already existing data about your clients, we’ll give you immediate understanding and instructions how to resolve the situation quickly with least harm.

We know that one of your biggest limitations to grow your brand’s success is time. So let’s start by helping you to free some. Share us your business challenges, and we’re off the races. We’ll take care of everything and you’ll have a clear human presentation just to the point. All data ready-crunched and human analyzed to actionable recommendations to improve your marketing right away. We build long-term strategic relationships, to really get to heart of your business. Always there for you, ready for action.



Understanding your target audience can be a challenge. Existing social media monitoring and social media listening tools are still just tools – oriented on analytical data. These can help to find out brand or campaign mentions, or leads to your website. But as a brand marketer you have to expect more. What are consumers thinking about your brand? What are their expectations, desires, fears? How are you able to affect on their opinions and behavior by meaningful one-to-one conversations? Who is influencing them and why? Which ones of your actions are working and which not? STATSIT can provide this information for you in a simple format, every month, cost-effectively.

Thai analysts for a Thai project. Arab analysts for an Arabic project. Chinese analysts for a Chinese project. Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India, Dubai, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland… – all APAC and EMEA covered with our local trained social media market research professionals. They are one of the most important parts of our STATSIT SocialWorks method of human manual coding and text mining that enable us to give you locally relevant insights.



Since our founding in 2008 in APAC, we’ve worked on over 166 brands and 1,200 individual projects throughout Asia, from Singapore to Japan and from Dubai to Indonesia. Partnered with ad agency networks like BBDO, Dentsu, JWT and serviced brands like Intel, Pepsi and Danone. As a result, we have developed a unique science-based market research method of human manual coding and text mining – STATSIT’s SocialWorks. Human component and utilising ad fraud research in social ensures we take relevancy very seriously. Together with our proprietary technology, this becomes a powerful tool for any serious marketer to increase their investment efficiency and gain real competitive advantage.