STATSIT’s SocialEcho has been developed in partnership with WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) and is the industry’s first comprehensive social measurement score that has people in focus.

  1. How much do I attract my desired target audience on my social channels?
  2. What channels perform the best for my brand?
  3. How do I compare myself to other brands, when we’re so different?
  4. How do I keep up with the flux of changes in social?

We get these questions all the time, and frankly speaking we find ourselves saying “it depends…” a lot. However, having conducted over 1,300 projects with over 170 brands over the past 7 years, we’ve come to understand that the industry is in dire need of a universally usable metric that answer the above questions and really “listens” to what the people want.

SocialEcho connects to your owned social channels to analyse People, Energy and Influence. In the heart of the method is the principle of “people first”. We believe great marketing is about story telling and commerce. And compelling stories come from great insight into people’s lives. SocialEcho delivers the basic measurement necessities of People (reach, frequency) but also meets the demands of advanced digital marketers with Energy (emotion, behaviour) and Influence (affinity, network effect).

Firstly, our proprietary technology helps us to gather all necessary data from your owned social channels. Furthermore, STATSIT’s SocialWorks method of human manual coding is used to enrich the dataset with relevant qualitative variables.

The SocialEcho score captures your social efforts and compares it to your industry. By looking at under and over performers, we derive recommendations that are aligned with with latest academic and industry research findings in order to gain the best value from social. Every report comes with a list of actionable recommendations to copy paste to your TODO.

Most of social data’s value will remain unlocked to you if you only invest in big automated data analytics solutions. Data does not need to be big, in order to be smart and actionable. SocialEcho delivers actionable and on budget today.


SocialEcho helps to measure the value of yours and the competitors communities:

Building a successful community needs a systematic approach. SocialEcho is a research method and a KPI set helping brands to focus on the right actions – and know from whom in the market it can learn the most.

  1. One universal score that measures your social performance, across all major social channels and benchmarked
  2. Helps you to focus your social efforts on what your audience really wants
  3. Actionable recommendations delivered every month to unlock brand growth through social


Let’s get started. We look forward to helping your brand grow.


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