Enter a new market or improve your current position by understanding consumer decision factors, competitors and purchase journeys

STATSIT MarketSight is a unique social media intelligence solution that points out where your current and future business opportunities are, from a consumer perspective. It answers questions like:

  • How does the consumer journey look like?
  • When are decisions influenced?
  • What drives consideration and loyalty?
  • What’s my position against my competitors?
  • What are the latest consumer trends?
  • What are the social platforms to focus on?


Market analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis brand case

STATSIT MarketSight helped to map out 5 year strategy to enter developing markets and grow the business in Asia



Increase your market share by delivering relevant messages at the right time, in the right occasion by understanding your audience’s lifestyle, content preferences, desires and fears

The currency of social is sharing. STATSIT AudiencePanel is a unique social media intelligence solution that offers a new view to what your audience really likes. Answers to questions like:

  • What type of content does my audience share?
  • What brands and campaigns do they talk about?
  • What fears and desires do they have?
  • What activities and events they participate in?
  • What do they spend and save money on?


Audience analysis, demographics, lifestyle, sentiment, engagement brand case

STATSIT AudiencePanel of 5,000 global IT decision makers helped to understand key demand drivers and content trends to quickly improve the next campaign



Marketing with your consumers can multiply your brand’s reach and engagement. We help you to identify and measure influencer effectiveness

STATSIT InfluenceMap is a unique social media influencer identification and management solution that provides you the intelligence to significantly increase your brand’s word of mouth. It answers questions like:

  • Who is driving my brand’s WOM from our CRM?
  • Who is driving my brand’s WOM otherwise?
  • Who are our category influencers?
  • What kind of content drives WOM in our category?
  • What content drives negative WOM in our category?
  • What is the effectiveness of our influencer program?


Campaign analysis brand case

STATSIT InfluenceMap measured 16x more engagement by using influencers than branded social channels



Driving systematic consideration is the key to unlock your brand growth. We help you to understand consumer behavior and ways of designing for change

STATSIT Campaign is a unique social media intelligence solution that measures your marketing activities from an equity perspective. It answers questions like:

  • Do our campaigns drive brand equity?
  • What are the most relevant KPIs to measure ongoing?
  • What audiences will likely bring best return?
  • What are consumer consideration drivers?
  • What are consumer purchase barriers?
  • What messages seem to work?


STATSIT Campaign identified behavioral triggers that helped in making the product launch a success and increase share in a highly competitive market

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Industries from FMCG, Food&Beverage, Tech, Finance to Travel. Markets from EU to APAC; EMEA to South-East Asia; Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Japan, South-Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Dubai, UAE, Egypt, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Nordics, UK, Germany, France

You are in good company

What I like about working with STATSIT is that they are able to dig into specific details through their social intelligence platform and service, to generate real insight that give us a new perspective on how to drive advocacy. I really appreciate their open mind and flexibility to accommodate our requests
Digital Marketing Manager, Danone
I believe your business is the cutting edge in social and analytics now
Ryan O’Donnell
Global Project Manager - Digital Strategy and eCommerce, Fonterra
Working with Siim and his team taught us that data from social conversation not only showed us what we were doing wrong, but what we could have done better in our campaigns. This is a strong benefit for us as a creative agency as well. I'm glad to say that our clients and us are very comfortable on STATSIT's clear and methodological approach.
Aaron Gomez
Head of Interactive Marketing at Cheil Worldwide
Great to have worked alongside brilliant people like you. I bear witness to your big efforts in making the seemingly impossible, possible.
Stella Lau
Insights Manager at OMD

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